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Happily, Kiera Duffy significantly upped the ante every time she opened her mouth, bold, sassy, quite the most unrepentantly slutty Cunegonde I recall seeing, and one who threw off the coloratura campery of “Glitter and Gay” with delicious aplomb, well-stocked jewel-box, E-flat and all… Put Duffy and [Kim] Criswell together, as in “Little Women” and you got a glimpse of what we should have had elsewhere all night: joy unconfined. -Opera Brittanica, UK, June, 7, 2011
Kiera Duffy, ridiculous and hilarious in her impersonations, offered a precisely sung and highly musical Despina. Like [Matthew] Plenk and the other women, she’s a star in the making.

-Atlanta Journal Constitution, April 14, 2011

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